Race Director Checklist


  • Set a race date
  • Decide on location
  • Decide on who will be responsible for the course and set up on race day
  • Call to set up location with Presque isle or local municipality and confirm date, what insurance is needed for event
  • Confirm with timing service that they can time event on date, time and location
  • Set a race budget and set price of race
  • Contact possible sponsors
  • Race premium (supplier)- find out the deadlines and cost of the shirt or other premium
  • Pick shirt, color and who will design the shirt
  • Race prizes/age categories- decide if there will be awards and cost of awards and order deadlines
  • Write application as soon as you have details confirmed-Compare to other apps to be sure you haven’t missed anything.
  • Decide on race snacks and order before supplier deadline if necessary- Rule of thumb:  $1.00/participant for snacks.  ($200 for 200 runners) If doing fruit – $1.25/runner. (May have to be adjusted for inflation, but works right now. (Last updated spring 2014)


  • Erie Runners Club website- event listing email information to suzannec@erie-runnerclub.org
  • Will application be included in the newsletter- will need correct amount of applications at newsletter stuffing and payment or volunteers to stuff.  If not at the stuffing location before 7PM they will not be included. Check ERC facebook page / twitter feed for current location/time. First Monday of each month.


  • List of possible sponsors (Contact name, address, phone number)
  • Cost of sponsorship and what logo and information wanted on the premium
  • Letter to sponsors
  • Follow-up phone call
  • Pick up check and logo and ask for size of shirt


  • Web listing of race on Erie Runners Club site-check other regional sites – Runhigh/BWT/Jamestown/Ashtabula/Mercer
  • Flyers in Erie Runners Club newsletter
  • Articles in newspaper- showcase listing- call and check on deadlines for listing
  • Television/newspaper coverage


  • On-line registrations- who will handle this
  • Mail-in registrations- who will enter
  • When will pre-registration start


  • Store/company that will be used
  • Address of store on registration form/website
  • Hours for pickup
  • Sponsor inserts
  • Will tables/chairs need to be brought in


  • Race route distance calculated- who will set it up- Certification? Not necessary, but get an accurate course. Driving a course in a car or using GPS is NOT good enough
  • Traffic marshals, parking and turnaround volunteers
  •  Road cones
  • Safety vests for volunteers who are doing parking or are road marshals
  • Are any porta-johns needed – if so these need to be ordered in advance- call and ask deadlines
  • Are tables and tents needed to be ordered or has a reservation been made for any facility being used
  • Confirmation with Presque Isle State Park 2 weeks prior to race or the municipality being used


  • Tent or tables needed
  • Pens, clipboard, day of race applications
  • Bib numbers or timing chips
  • Safety pins for bibs
  • T-shirts or other premium
  • Cash/change for late-registrations
  • Camera and tri-pod for publicity pictures- if desired
  • Volunteers


  • Who will announce start of race
  • Who will be in charge of water and after race snacks
  • Will water be available on course- should be a consideration for races in warmer temperatures even for a 5K


  • Cones picked up
  • Marshal vests and supplies returned
  • Finish line torn down
  • Trash picked up
  • Extra snacks, t-shirts, supplies packed
  • All supplies to be returned promptly and in good condition and organized
  • Determine race profits


  • Thank you signed by race director to sponsors, nice gesture to deliver with a shirt as a thank you for sponsorship-this can also be done prior to race
  • If you are planning to do the race next year take the time to make notes of what worked and what should be changed to make your next race better
  • Thank your volunteers