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Saturday, October 16, 2004 - Presque Isle State Park - Erie, PA

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SPONSOR: The Erie Runners Club

PURPOSE: The purpose of this unique event is to invite any person to run/walk a distance beyond that which he/she has previously achieved, and thus establish what will be referred to as a Personal Endurance Record. This event is designed to support and assist individuals in their endurance efforts by creating a comfortable, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Promotion of cardiovascular fitness is the prime purpose of this event. This is not a competitive race. You will be competing with yourself and your own limits and abilities, not those of others. The intent is to challenge each individual's personal stamina by exceeding a previous distance or endurance record.

COURSE: A 1.0-mile loop has been established around the Waterworks area of Presque Isle State Park on absolutely flat terrain. The loop starts in front of Pavilion #3 and utilizes mostly paved roadway with some dirt path.

TIME & DATE: There will be a 12-hour time limit, from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 16, 2004. You may start when you please during that time span and finish when you like. The total number of miles you receive credit for need not be run or walked in any one continuous period -- you are only required to do it during the allotted time. Each runner/walker shall be responsible for checking in and out each time he/she enters or leaves the course.

AID STATIONS: Water and electrolyte-replacement beverages and refreshments will be available in front of Cabin #3 on easily accessible tables at the completion of each mile loop. Participants desiring any other nourishment or more frequent assistance must plan to supply their own needs.


  • All entrants will be issued a numbered tag to assist lap counting by the scorers.
  • Each participant must pass the scorer's table in front of Cabin #3 at the end of each loop and must be personally responsible that his/her lap is recorded.
  • You are required to check out when you have completed your run/walk. This is necessary for safety purposes. If you decide to continue later in the day, you must check in again with event officials at the scorer's table.
  • Event officials reserve the right to suspend any runner/walker from the course at any time if, in the judgment of the officials, the participant appears injured, or unduly fatigued and in danger of injury.

Fees and Deadlines: Fees for this year Are listed below. Registration deadline is October 8th. After October 8th, please register the day of the event.

Fees: $5.00 -- Entry fee only. (For those under age 18, FREE. For categories "b" through "d", subtract $5.00.)
$15.00 -- Entry fee + Personalized Plaque
$15.00 -- Entry fee + Long-sleeved Shirt
$25.00 -- Entry fee + Plaque + Shirt

LODGING: Participants from out-of-town are urged to take advantage of special rates which have been pre-arranged with two local motels -- the El Patio Motel at 2950 West 8th Street, $45.00 plus tax, phone 814-838-9772, be sure to identify yourself as an entrant in the event; and the Best Western/Presque Isle Country Inn at I-90 and Sterrettania Road, $49.95 plus tax, phone 814-838-7647, mention the Endurance Classic and the Erie Runners Club.

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